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Rede ACV understands the need for and importance of capacity building in the area of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), especially in the business context.
Below are presented the various courses and workshops offered by Rede ACV, its associates and partners, which address different audiences and levels of deepening the theme.

Life Cycle Thinking Awareness Workshop

A major challenge of the LCA is to convey the wealth of information mapped in a study to a lay audience, which has the power to make consumption decisions. To do this it is necessary to simplify the whole concept, but also to promote debates and carry out studies of relevance to this consumer, to address everyday issues, for him to understand the benefits that an LCA can provide.

In its LinkedIn profile ("Rede ACV"), the LCA Network publishes studies of everyday situations and clarifies terms and concepts, in order to increasingly engage all segments of society. The number of followers has been increasing significantly since its creation in early 2017, which shows that it is possible to uncomplicate the issue and win people over to reflect on the impacts of their consumption decisions.

The Life Cycle Thinking Awareness Workshop is ideal for a first contact with the concept, without any prior knowledge of the LCA methodology. It lasts 3 hours, and can be in the morning (09h00 - 12h00), or in the afternoon (14h00 - 17h00).  It can be offered in-company to have the opportunity to engage colleagues from other relationship areas, besides LCA/Sustainability - the more diverse the audience in functions, hierarchies, expectations, experiences (of life and with LCA), the better!

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Life Cycle Assessment Training

For those interested in further technical and execution issues of LCA studies, we recommend options from our associates:

Remote Education
To provide an overview of concepts and fundamentals of industrial ecology, train participants in the basic theoretical aspects of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and guide the participant in the interpretation and conduct of LCA studies, go to:

Life Cycle Initiative’s e-learning introducing life cycle thinking:

In person
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