Working Groups / Labelling

The working group seeks to keep Rede ACV up to date with news on the subject and to develop educational materials on the subject.

Specific objectives:

- To support and contribute to the improvement of labelling systems and environmental declarations;
- Educate, train and update the Network members on the concept, application and benefits of Type III Labelling; b
- To provide and disseminate information on Type III Labelling;
- Understand the needs of Rede ACV’s associates regarding Labelling and collaborate with its success.
- Among the activities coordinated by this working group, we highlight the following:
- Develop training in environmental labelling with concrete cases of application;
- Present bimonthly the latest news on the topic;
- Carry out surveys with members and stakeholders.

Participants of this working group:

- Beatriz Kiss (Braskem)
- Cassiano M. Piekarski (UTFPR)
- Cintia Oller Cespedes (UL)
- Fabio Neves Publieri (UTFPR)
- Felipe Lion Motta (ACV Brasil)
- Felipe Queiroz Coelho (Fundação Vanzolini)
- Fernanda Vieira (Duratex)
- Juliana Picoli (FGV)
- Marcia Nossig (Solvay)
- Mariane Martins (Sinctronics)
- Michelle Tereza Scachetti (Fundação Espaço ECO)
- Paula da Silva Carvalho (KPMG)
- Ronia Oisiovici (Solvay)