What is Rede ACV

Rede ACV / What is Rede ACV

Rede ACV was launched in 2013 with the Mission to mobilize companies, articulate governments and educate consumers, aiming to incorporate LCA as a tool to determine the sustainability of products. To do so, it aims to create a cooperative environment for the use of LCA in Brazil; educate and train society about this concept, its application and benefits; make available and disseminate information about LCA in Brazil to various audiences and collaborate with and support the Brazilian government in consolidating the National Life Cycle Inventory Bank.

Rede ACV, through its six Working Groups (Capacity Building, Communication, Database, Labelling, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Objectives), Methodology Studies Commission and institutional initiatives, aims to be a reference for the application and development of LCA in Brazil, to foster the application of good practices related to the theme in the Brazilian business environment, contributing to the defense, preservation and conservation of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.

Since its creation, the main contribution of Rede ACV has been to provide a closer relationship between important organizations, leaders in their segments, with representatives of academia, civil society, government and consultancies, understanding the challenges and opportunities related to it.

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