Working Groups / Communication

The Communication WG seeks to address the great challenge that is LCA-related communication. This theme permeates both technical issues, such as the interpretation and dissemination of LCA study results, as well as the promotion of life cycle thinking (LCT) concepts to the general public. Thus, this working group focuses on promoting Rede ACV and its associates' work related to the LCA theme, which includes: managing Rede ACV's website and social networks, disseminating studies, business cases and projects that use the LCA and LCT, as well as being a spokesperson and representing the Network when necessary. In addition, it offers support to other working groups, promoting their results.

For the year 2020 the following strategic objectives were defined by the Communication WG:

I. To support the promotion and dissemination of Rede ACV among relevant stakeholders, in strategic spaces and in social networks.
II. To support the dissemination of LCT, through awareness raising actions, information sharing and results, encouraging the use of the LCA in the Brazilian business context.
III. TO SUPPORT THE DISSEMINATION OF THE LCT THROUGH AWARENESS ACTIONS, INFORMATION SHARING AND RESULTS, ENCOURAGING THE USE OF THE LCA IN THE BRAZILIAN BUSINESS CONTEXT. To collect and disseminate information, results of studies and cases of associated companies that help promote LCA in Brazil.

Among the activities coordinated by this WG, the following stand out:

- Design and content of the LCA Network website;
- Development of booklet and material to sensitize journalists and communicators on the subject of LCA and LCT;
- Management of social networks, mapping of events and opportunities for PCV dissemination and promotion of Rede ACV, support in strategic partnerships;
- Construction of a library with studies, cases and projects of LCA of the associates;
- Updating of the Rede ACV’s institutional materials and content of the Newsletter (2nd half of 2020).

Participants in this working group:

Beatriz Kiss (Braskem) - Coordinator
Edivan Cherubini (Enciclo)
Felipe Lion Motta (ACV Brasil)
Linda Oliveira (Sinctronics)
Maira Barbosa (Instituto Akatu)
Sonia Chapman (Secretária Executiva da Rede ACV)
Taise Beduschi (Grupo Malwee)