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Working Groups / Circular Economy

The Circular Economy WG is intended to be the bridge between the LCA and the Circular Economy. Understanding how each movement complements itself, can collaborate more concretely for a necessary transition in linear models of production and consumption. We know that the linear consumption patterns, started in extraction and finished in disposal, have brought us great advances and benefits. However, this same method is leading us to collapse and urgently needs to be reviewed. The LCA challenges are effectively complementary to those of the Circular Economy and therefore this group wishes to unite the two practices to provide rich analyses from the environmental and economic point of view that allow the acceleration to new productive patterns, where there is no disposal, with more perennial and clean flows. After all, the transition to a circular economy - which starts in repair and ends in regeneration - needs processes, materials and products with better and (re)defined production histories to be more regenerative.

For 2020 the group wishes:

I Publish a paper with examples that are already working in Brazil;
II To publicize the cases of the companies, members of the network

The main activities of this group are:

1) Building reports with the themes circular economy and life cycle assessment
2) Encourage the development of policies that encourage the adoption of these practices
3) To present concrete visions of the application of Circular Economy in several markets
4) To provide paths for the transition of the linear model, through the LCA
5) To bring studies and experiences from different markets and nationalities to increase and inspire local activities

Participants in this working group:

- Leonardo G. Ribeiro - WG Coordinator
- André Valente
- Arthur Campos
- Carolina Maestri
- Cintia Cespedes
- Cristina Belli
- Daniela Ferreira da Mota
- Fabian Gonçalves
- Fabio Cirilo
- Guilherme Torres
- Hebert Vinícius
- Julina Ferreira Picoli
- Linda de Oliveira
- Leonardo Costa
- Livia Miranda
- Luciana Bernardini
- Marcia Nossig
- Mariane Martins
- Marilia Folegatti
- Marina Muniz Rossi
- Yuki Hamilton Onda Kabe
- Michelle Tereza Scachetti
- Paulo Dias
- Rafael Selvaggio Vinas
- Ricardo Angelotti
- Tiago Barreto Rocha
- Debora Borges
- Juliana Castro
- Ronia Oisiovici
- Livia Taise da Silva Beduschi